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entry for "apoptosis" - einsvierzehn [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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entry for "apoptosis" [Jan. 27th, 2008|06:06 pm]


[Current Mood |accomplished]

Finally, after ages, my entry for "apoptosis"... It's a little scene starring the cells Bob, Frank, Jack and James. For some reason you're about to find out, it reminds me of a certain movie, that's why I call it


Frank: Bob, what's up? You do not look too good to me..
Bob: I think I'm about to apoptose
Frank: (shocked) What?
Bob: You know, I think I'm sick, It'd be better if I...
Frank: I don't want to hear any of that!
Bob: Come on, what sense is it if I take all of you with me?
Frank: Sense? You don't even know you're sick
Bob: Just take a look at me, would you?
Frank: (looks intensely at Bob) ... but....
Bob: There's no but
Frank: There is! Don't leave me like that! We've been together like forever, we've even been together through mitosis
Bob: You know that it separated us, right?

Jack: (interrupts) Hey guys, what's up?
Frank: Bob's got this idea that he needs to apoptose
Jack: To be honest, he looked sick for quite a while...
Frank: (getting angry) Stop it already! He's fine!
Jack: He's not, he needs to go before he takes all of us with him
Bob: Told you so!

James: I hear Bob's about to apoptose
Frank: No he's not! I've been trying to talk him out of it, but Jack's no help at all
James: Why would you do that? Let him! It's for the best, he's been bothering me with his state for ages, before he kills all of us, let him die
Frank: Good heavens! Don't you have a heart?
James: (amused) actually no, I don't

Jack: Frank, let him go, you know it's for the best, James is right
Frank: Hell no, he isn't!
Bob quivers a little
Frank: Stop quivering already, you won't apoptose on me. There's no way I'll let you apoptose, I want you to stop pulling this stupid armageddon-I'll-save-you-all-and-die-a-noble-death shit on me right now. You're not dying and you're not killing all of us either
Bob (looks very unstable): But I am. Listen to James and Jack, they're not blind like you are. It's not about us, really! That's just the way nature wants it to be and I'm okay with that, if I can save you, I'm even glad

Frank: Please Bob, stop it, I don't want you to die
Bob (weakened): I'm not really dying
James: (laughing) Oh yes you are!
Frank: (enraged) James you asshole, this isn't a joke, we're talking about a friend here
James: (impatient) No we aren't, we're just talking about someone who's sick and about to endanger all of us
Jack: I agree, I like Bob and all, but we're not here for fun
Frank: How good can it be for all of us if we lose... (looks sad)
James: Yak, what's all that glibbery stuff? It's all over the place
Jack: I think that's Bob

Frank: What? Bob? (looks around anxiously) Bob???? Oh damned apoptosis.... Bob.... I'll never find a friend like you again
Jack: Oh yes you will, Bill's mitosing over there!
Frank: Just shut up...